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It’s been a while since I (or better Jan) took this pictures for WE Blue Ridge Collection. As you might know I consider denim to be the best fabric ever, because it never goes out of style and it’s one of the only fabrics that become cooler with age. Let’s call this look more a head-to-ankle by WE: I styled a black washed out denim in a more loose fit way, by going a few sizes up and rolled up the legs. The nice print sweatshirt adds something figure-hugging, ét voila: a very relaxed vibe and fit, which makes the Blue Ridge Collection very suitable for everyday. WE asked a bunch of style bloggers to take part of this collection by showing their own interpretation and looks, so if you have a good mind to denim, I would therefore recommend to vote for your favorite look HERE  to win a year of free denim (hell yessss)!


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