This red wine leather jacket is to die for (!!) and I'm not joking, but these outfits are perfect: The glamrock inspo and an ideal solution for a blue jeans and white shirt combi that doesn't bore anyone you, the looks show us a very modern mix of casual and chic. Overalls comes wider fitted than back in the early 70s and this time we don't show off our chicken breasts, we bet on silk shirts or fine rib vests!



model: Maryan Lukaszczyk
pictures by Niklas Bergstrand
styling by Lani Dafter
in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.




model: Ryan Keating
pictures by  Tim Ashton
styling by Anna Santangelo
for Museum magazine.



These outfits are great for every mood and every situation. When I'm feeling fine but doesn't want to spend too much time during my morning routine I always go for black skinnies, striped tees and chucks or vans. It's never un- or overdressed, even if you'd combine with a blazer, your favorite leather jacket or flanell. In this case I love the sand silk shirt and the huge black pockets on the dark brown leather jacket - yummy!




As everyone might know I'm a SLP fan, so it's not surprising I love this editorial looks (all pieces are Saint Laurent). What I really like is that I can still see a stylists own taste. Sure thats her job but with this pieces you can combine literally EVERYTHING and it will look good or just copied from the runway show. Btw: The scarf wrapped around his waist is everything and I'd killss for look two and three.



model: Jon Cooper
pictures by Stella Berkovsky
styled by Marion Jolivet (pieces from Saint Laurent)
creative direction by David Martin.
for the latest issue of Odda magazine



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