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Saint Laurent: This was the coolest mix of everything that Hedi loves: Kurt Cobain, punks, LA, surfers, rock ’n’roll kids, native american etc etc. Speaking for myself I’d immediately wear every look and yep, I’m a huge fan of Saint Laurent! Head: Best hairstyles, especially the bleached, shoulder length one with the kurt sunnies! Outerwear: The huge, fat, wool cardigan looks great and (as always) the denim and leather jackets make me wanna die. Shirts: I liked the shirt over a soft t-shirt combo, which looked very easygoing and natural. Jeans and Shoes: Wearing it for 9 years now – I think I can never grab another cut of jeans and sneaker.
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Gucci: If I’d be rich n famous, I’d definitely be a Gucci Boy next spring. Tim Blanks asked if a granny pussy-bow blouse is still a pussy-bow if a willowy teenage boy is wearing it and I’d answer no. I’m thinking about a tender modern version of punk, a romantic and genderless person who has a pretty great style and love lace collars, flare denims and flowers. The blue flare denim look is absolutely killing me and I can’t wait to own my first flares ASAP!
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Louis Vuitton: When I looked through, ah no no excuse me, it’s Vogue Runway (can someone tell them, that this was the most stupid idea ever?!) I stopped at LV and been totally blown away by this jackets and silk scarves. I mean, I got this Diesel likewise jacket which I showed you last week, but this is even better! Kim Jones showed us an amorous mix of asian culture and modern pieces, which every man should own (a slim fit suit, a pair of white sneakers, a good bomber jacket and from now own a silk scarf!). I love what I saw and if you can’t get enough, you should check out lynn and host’s ‚drag nursery‘.


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