As you might know my biggest dream is to become a photographer (Oh yes, that would be fuckin‘ great). I always use my blogs and projects for teaching myself and my friends in photography, testing new camera settings, working with lightning and my new canon speedlight flash. My blog started with many photo diaries and after not doing this for quite a while now, I felt the urge to show you more random pictures of what’s happening in my life again, with better quality, models (thx to my wonderful friends) and situations. (lucky you!!!) I never had to deal with much free time in my life (sad, but true), so my creativity and lust for work is higher than ever right now. Let me present you a new category called „my week with“, where I’ll show you my life, my friends, my work and my passion . In pictures. Always shot by me.
1: Homme to go Team / 2: Marc / 3: Matzes Crib / 4: Favorite Cocktail EVER – Wodka, Ginger Beer, Cucumber and Lime (called Moscow Mule. Fancy, huh?) / 5: Playboy and Kate is love / 6: The Pretty Reckless/Going to hell stage / 7: Sexbomb aka Taylor Momsen / 8: SXX SELLS legs / 9: Comme des Garcons + Wood Wood + Balenciaga wallets, Céline + Sandro + two times Ray Ban sunnies / 10-13: The Pretty Reckless Live at Lido Berlin / 14: Marc and I during our SXX SELLS trailer shoot / 15: Me (read here about my unsuccessful search for a perfect white tee) / 16-18: Mauri, Jan and I (or better: Homme to go) / 19: Raf Simons boots, Comme des Garcons and Alexander Wang Wallet, Givenchy shark tooth necklace / 20: Me wearing Topman Jeans and Keds / 21+22: Jan / 23: My baby would wear.. / 24: Homme to go at K-MB / 25: Bastian and his (me so jealous) Chanel Boy / 26: Me at Olympus Playground / 27: Balcony situation / 28: Marc / 29: Calle and Mau (sexy as hell) / 30+31: Again Miss Momsen


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