björn borg says ja! unforgettablenight is an online nightlife exhibition where you can share your unforgettable instagram moments with the whole world (a lot of funny drunk people btw). björn borg ask me to show you my ten best moments – it’s a wraaap! // 1: homme to go meets alber elbaz (fuck, he’s one of the cutest guys i’ve ever met!!) 2: bastian, ben and i at our fave club P.O.P. 3: bonnie, feb’12 4: josie and i after the dolce&gabbana store opening here in berlin 5: my boys and i being good wives 6: josie and i at the michalsky stylenite 7&8: homme to go love 9: le gang again at P.O.P. 10: after a nice team dinner we ended up with one mai tai with seventeen straws (it was too hard for us pussies. oooops)


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