1st: my first fw outfit  2nd: first snow in berlin  3rd and 4th: me and yonas at p&c  5th and 6th: sarenza blogger event.
 1st – 4th: some random pics with my friends  5th and 6th: at my shooting for pyrate style
 1st: buffet at ny workshop  2nd and 3rd: at one piece party during fw  4th: fav salad from joeys  5th and 6th: lovely present from ny 

1st: xoxo soup  2nd: maggie, ruta, josie and me  3rd: shopping  4th: my balcony view  5th: best wrap in berlin  6th: vans concert/party
 1st and 2nd: breakfast and midnight snacks  3rd: my new lovely fake leatherpants from ny  4th: me  5th: funniest note from a foreign cookie  6th: best pasta from my mummy 
 1st: best selfmade pasta salad  2nd: jan, matze and me  3th: my new april77 jeans  4th: snowman  5th: my room  6th: my used diesel jeans and my new alexander wang booties
 1st: take a bath  2nd: late night tattoo session at laura panda  3rd and 4th: happy valentines day  5th: salad again  6th: me at bonnies hood

follow me on instagram: dustin_kst // i just wanna show you some pictures from january and february i’ve made with the best photoapp for iphone! i wish you all a wonderful weekend. ♥


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