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ME in WE / Dresscode Denim


It's been a while since I (or better Jan) took this pictures for WE Blue Ridge Collection. As you might know I consider denim to be the best fabric ever, because it never goes out of style and it's one of the only fabrics that become cooler with age. Let's call this look more a head-to-ankle by WE: I styled a black washed out denim in a more loose fit way, by going a few sizes up and rolled up the legs. The nice print sweatshirt adds something figure-hugging, ét voila: a very relaxed vibe and fit, which makes the Blue Ridge Collection very suitable for everyday. WE asked a bunch of style bloggers to take part of this collection by showing their own interpretation and looks, so if you have a good mind to denim, I would therefore recommend to vote for your favorite look HERE  to win a year of free denim (hell yessss)!



Remember this time when we threw a party called SXX SELLS? You might better do! After a seven month break my crew is back, so put a big fat cross in your calendar cuz we will go crazy on 28th august at 'Mein Haus am See', Berlin. I couldn't be happier to celebrate freedom, happiness and equality with you guys again - for more info's and all blah blah blah, here's our FB Event. Let's move on and bring SXX SELLS to a next era. An even better. 

By the way: We're young, need 'da money and would love to realize all of our ideas. There are many different ways to collaborate, so if you're interested in working with us and want more infos about our crowd, range or concept - just drop me a mail: xx



you're on tumblr - realize you need more stuff - go bananas cuz u want need it

searching for a particular item on fashiola, work up a sweat, found it, order it, kiss ur mac

freak out when your order has been sent

and last but not leat freak out even more when you received your order

Weil ich im Herzen immer noch ein kleiner Dorfgammler bin, habe ich mich nie richtig daran gewöhnt, dass ich auf einmal alles vor der Tür habe. Wo ich damals Stunden für einrechnen musste, brauche ich heute maximal ne halbe Stunde. Dennoch kam meine Romanze zu Online Shops nie zu kurz! Ich liebe das kribbeln im Bauch, wenn man nach einer langen Suche im Netz ein bestimmtes Teil findet, es vielleicht sogar noch viel günstiger ist und man mit wenigen Klicks das gute Teil auf die Reise ins Eigenheim schickt. Wie verdammt praktisch dabei eine Seite dabei kann, die mit 167 Online Shops gleichzeitig arbeitet, beweist uns Fashiola! Binnen weniger Schritte und Suchfiltern kann man zum Beispiel eine Lederjacke auf den verschiedenen Seiten suchen - Google für Klamotten sozusagen. Die GIF's zeigen am Besten, wie sehr ich die geniale Idee abfeier'.
As you might know I come from a small town near Brunswik, north-west Germany. With no malls, no shops and even no cool people around me, I fell in love with the world wide web. Four years ago I packed all my stuff and fell in love again: this time with the not perfect/perfect Berlin. Obviously not just because of all the shops who's around me know, even more because of the people, the freedom and peace who made me a better person. But back to clothes: My heart still goes out to online shopping, cause the only shops I like in Berlin are Second-Hand or Vintage. I do have special wishes when it comes to clothes, so I am secretly obsessed with the feeling when you find the piece you wanted needed online (and most of the time it's cheaper). To support my laziness I always search for particular items (this time a leather jacket) on Fashiola, which is an online search engine, where you can take a look through 167 shops: how great is that?!!